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Doapbaq introduces “The Artist Exclusive Line”, which features a limited selection of backpacks displaying printed designs uniquely created by up and coming artists. As an advocate of art, Doapbaq supports the growth of underground artists by giving them the opportunity to display their designs for all to see. With that being said, a percentage of profits for each design sold will be donated to the featured artist of that bag. Doapbaq is here to hunt down the most talented, passionate and creative artists across the globe. Only a limited quantity of these collectible Artist Exclusive designs will be available.

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According to the research and consulting firm, Beverage Marketing Corporation, the sales of bottled water has surpassed soda by volume for the first time in history. In today’s generation, it has become a priority: stay fit, eat organically, and being mindful of hitting your recommended water intake.  Doapbaq’s 2L water reservoir will keep you hydrated throughout the day.  On-the-go, this compact, sleek, and multi-functional rucksack will be your daily best friend.  While the Artist Exclusive line supports emerging artists, Doapbaq’s BSK line supports the community. A portion of proceeds from each purchased BSK rucksack gives back to charities according to each awareness month.  Customers get to choose which charity.



Doapbaq has teamed up with Mazama Designs to give you the highest quality of hydration. The reservoirs feature a rugged and reliable design with a Metallocene bladder film. The film is not only durable, but is also PVC/BPA-free, taste-free, and made in the USA. Based in Bend, Oregon, Mazama Designs is the source for premium hydration reservoirs and accessories as well as innovative hydration packs.