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Mission statement: To provide a fashionable wellness supporting product for people to wear on the daily, while making a positive impact on the world.


Each purchased BSK rucksack will give customers an option to freely choose and donate to charities according to each awareness month. As a result, this will help educate our customers and the public to become more conscious of how giving back and helping those in need creates more positivity in the world. The Artist Exclusive line creates a platform of opportunity for up and coming artists to grow by allowing them to turn a backpack into an art piece. As a result, this gives our customer an exclusive product with much personal value.

Based in Orange County, CA


Doapbaq’s current featured artist on the artist exclusive line is a Chicago-based artist, Louis De Guzman, creates artwork that merges his past with his present. Using mixed media (black pens, pencils, a tablet and adobe illustrator), De Guzman blends together images and stories that evoke his family’s immigrant struggle, and his own experience as a second generation Filipino American.

He is inspired by the art of the Baroque and Renaissance periods, and also takes inspiration from silk scarves from high end fashion brands like Chanel and Versace. He describes his work as “intricate conceptualization,” intertwining modern (sometimes iconic) symbols with those that embody the heart and resiliency of the Filipino people and his experiences as a child. De Guzman’s work has been showcased throughout the Chicagoland area. His pieces have been auctioned off for charity by nonprofits such as Rashied Davis’ Saturday Place, and the Brandon Marshall Foundation.

He had his first solo art exhibition at “One-Off,” an event presented by Black Sheep. His work has also been featured in the Art and Design section of De Guzman continues to engage and give back to the community of Chicago by participating in local art events like Tone Art Gallery and Music Festival. (Full Artist Bio)
Doapbaq interviewed Louis Deguzman to educate the audience there is a strong back-story behind every featured art piece. You can watch the full interview at: Watch the full interview